iPhone 5s 5c Black Friday Sale 2013

iPhone 5s
The hottest smartphone always belongs to Apple’s iPhone. With the introduction of 2 new iPhones consumers are looking for exceptional deal on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on Black Friday 2013.

Although Apple does offer one-day sale after Thanksgiving, it will never discount the iPhone 5s or the 5c. But just don’t give up yet. Carriers and third party retailers have more flexibility when it comes to iPhone 5s Black Friday deal. You will most likely to get a free gift card or free accessory to when you purchase a new iPhone 5s. As for the iPhone 5c Black Friday offer, you may be able to get it free with a new 2-year contract.
The iPhone 5s made the biggest change since the original iPhone that came out in 2007 – a 64-bit processor instead of 32 bit now powers it. It’s actually the first smartphone to do so. This new architecture, found in desktops, can do more than just taking photos, videos, or surfing the web.

You get to choose 3 colors during the iPhone 5s Black Friday sale. The White remains the favorite color for the winter holidays. But for those who want something fresh, the Gold color is definitely in high demand this holiday shopping season.

Perhaps the best improvement over the previous iPhones, or any smartphone is the new Touch ID feature. You no longer need to enter a pass code to unlock the phone. And you can use the Touch ID to authorize iTunes purchases too. This enhanced security measure offers convenience for many users who prefer to keep their phone data private. Thanks to the powerful A7 chip, all the finger print scanning and calculation are done so quickly that you will get instant access or denial the very second you put your finger on the home button.

iPhone 5c
OK, if you really want to save a bit of money and still enjoy the simplicity of IOS then the new iPhone 5c will be a smart choice for those budget-minded consumers. Everything inside the 5c is essentially the same as the iPhone 5 – same processor, same camera, and same touchscreen. The big different is that 5c is constructed with plastic but feel much steadier and stronger than any other smartphone in the market. It’s built with steel-reinforced frame that also acts as an antenna.
You will have 5 brilliant colors to choose from: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Unlike typical plastic phones, the entire shell is seamlessly welded together. Hold it on your hand and you will feel the difference. As for battery life. The 5c last 10% than iPhone 5. You may argue that the iPhone 5c uses yesterday’s technology and it’s not a cheap smartphone at all. It’s retail at $99.99 with a 2-year contract or $549.99 without. This phone costs $100 more than some of the older or cheaper Android phones priced at $50 or $0. There is no question that Apple wants to reach many customers as possible. But offering a cheap phone with subpar quality like the Android counterparts? No way! Consumers can take advantage of no interest payment plan like those from T-Mobile – pay nothing upfront then pay $22 for the next 24 months. That’s a total of $528 for 2 years, a saving of $22 with no interest at all. That’s the most affordable iPhone from a national carrier.

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